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Bad Renters Lillian Ruiz Gomez and Lazaro Gomez.  Lazaro Gomez and Lillian Ruiz are Worthless.  Lillian Ruiz Gomez does not pay her bills.  Yes Lillian Ruiz Gomez of Miami, Florida and her husband Lazaro Gomez yet again are evicted for not paying their rent.  Do NOT rent to Lillian Ruiz Gomez or Lazaro Gomez as you will be paying in the end. These Cuban pieces of garbage go from renter to renter dodging their bills.  Lillian Ruiz Gomez and her Lazaro Gomez of United Empire Trucking, have written bad checks to the point I had to send it to the Florida State Attorneys office for prosecution.

Lillian Ruiz Gomez and Lazaro Gomez are Cuban garbage that do not pay their bills – DO NOT RENT TO Lillian Ruiz Gomez or Lazaro Gomez.  Do NOT RENT TO THESE CUBAN PIECES OF SHIT – THEY DO NOT PAY THEIR BILLS.

Lazaro has a business under other peoples names because the state has shut him down so many times.  This information will be going to DOT just to let them know.